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  1. Dagul
    Dagul2 years ago

    please I want you call me on +2349060483029. love ya

  2. Dolabar2 years ago

    It sucked this summer. Most days you didn't even want to go outside. I'm glad the air quality is . 44 ppm. not 140 ppm. which is about the best it got all summer.

  3. Nikolkree
    Nikolkree2 years ago

    I saw it below and want to reiterate, why is this complicated? the only answer is that men refuse to give up the thrills they get from pestering women in public and there viewpoint, however cloaked, that women are second class citizens, not in charge of their own sexuality and up for grabs to be used as the man's c*m dump. Men also think what they feel and fantasize about is instantly shared by the female in their sight. telepathic blind dates.

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